NCPF Weekly report & reminder (24 May. 10)

A warm winter greeting to all of you out there in the Norwood SAPS precinct. I trust that the chilly weather is brightened by the glorious sunshine that we in Jozi are blessed with during this time of the year.
There are a number of items in the report today that do require your attention. Please also remember to spread this as far and wide as we can – the more people we as the CPF can reach in our area – the more effective the CPF & the Norwood SAPS can be.
Would you not want the best service and policing that you could get? So would I!

Weekly Report:

  • There were a total of three Trio crimes for the week and 4 incidents to report on for this weekend.
    Three break-ins occurred on Friday in Sectors 2 (Waverley -Scott Str), 3 (Orchards – Louis Rd) and 4 (Orange Grove – 13th Str).
    There was also a house robbery in Sydenham (Dunnottar) on Saturday afternoon.
    No serious injuries were reported in any of the incidents but a large amount of household goods & effects were stolen.
  • House robberies in our area are a major concern. Be aware and report any suspicious persons or activities in your area.
    Do not purchase stolen goods – if you do you are contributing to the crime in our country!
  • There was a shootout at the Voodoo Lounge (Edenvale SAPS Precinct) which was attended by our reservists and an arrest was made.
  • An identikit of a suspect should be up on the site by the end of the day – please advise the police or ourselves if you have any information on this persons whereabouts.


The Detectives and tracing units have achieved four convictions in the last week.
The Norwood SAPS also arrested two known suspects on the wanted list. A suspect was also arrested trying to leave the country.


PSIRA Training to be held this weekend – 29th & 30th May.
We have been trying to run this training for the last few weeks and the response has been poor. If your street guard is not PSIRA registered they will be arrested and those employing the said guard fined. Please see the website for more info on the training.
All the forms and documentation required to register for the training is on the site.
The next Norwood CPF meeting will be held on the 30th June 2010
Thanks and have a great week.

Article written by NCPF Support

Russell Cohen