NCPF Weekly report & reminder (07 Jun. 10)

A quick reminder of the need for all of us to get involved in ridding our suburbs of crime. Please remember that crime encompasses all sorts of illegal activities not just the robberies and car-jackings.

The SAPS are here to enforce and arrest those that are committing a criminal offence (Murder, assault, fraud, drinking in public, theft, loitering (with intent) etc…). If this is occurring they will respond and if it has occurred, they will investigate.

The Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (Metro) are the legislated body that must deal with policing municipal by-laws and regulations. A by-law is a law that pertains to a certain area and has been passed by a local council or municipal government (i.e. – City of Johannesburg).

Examples of Municipal By-laws are those laws that govern the public areas within our city (street’s & open areas) as well as laws that govern the way legal traders (shop-keepers) are allowed to trade and includes traffic law enforcement. By-law enforcement is a sticky and fractious issue. Our Metro connection is functional and we have good results when they are involved in our operations. They are working hard to assist us when we have these & we have been able to crack-down on illegal trading, vagrancy and other such by-law transgressions.

Metro and the Norwood SAPS work together to assist one another in performing their duties. We assist them in directing the resources to the areas in our suburbs that require their urgent and much needed attention. If we do not know of the issue it will get less attention.

The more we know, the more we can assist. Pass on information about, include photos if possible, damaged sub-stations, pot-holes (or damaged roads/storm water drains), abandoned houses, areas of neglect, illegal trading areas, vagrancy and other illegal activities. We will collate this information and pass it on to the relevant authorities & follow up at our monthly meetings.

Information is the key to sorting out the issues we live with. If you are able to become an ‘informant’ for your area please do so. Pass on all and any information that you have on occurrences (suspect or illegal activities) in your area. Email – with detailed information on the offence/issue/neglected site etc…

Weekly Report:

There were more house robberies last week in Highlands North (Louis Botha) and Oaklands (Victoria). The only other serious crimes were two Assault cases that occurred in Orange Grove (14th Str) and Houghton Estate (8th Ave).

There were no serious crimes reported for this weekend.


Crime prevention’s operation – 105 People searched, 104 vehicles searched and 9 people arrested therefrom. Well Done!

Detectives – 2 convictions – One for fraud and the second one was a criminal conviction & 12 month sentence for a suspect involved in vehicle related crimes.

Reports & other information:

For those Employers that have guards who took part in the PSIRA training. I have a certificate for each person and a receipt from PSIRA (that states that they have received their application forms). Please contact me so I can organise to drop them off at a mutually beneficial time.

Please also pass on this information. I have not updated my mailing list for over a week with more email addresses, please help to expand our reach and network.

Forthcoming meetings:

Norwood CPF general meeting – 30 June 2010

Article written by NCPF Support

Russell Cohen