NCPF Weekly report & reminder (31 May. 10)

The SAPS and CPF’s around the country often use acronyms or words that the person on the street might not understand.  Each week I shall define a term to enhance, not only my, but all of your understanding of policing terms.
Trio Crimes – this term is used to describe three crimes that have been identified for extra resources & attention by the SAPS hierarchy.  These include house robberies, business robberies and car jacking.  All of them involve personal contact with a criminal and the use of a weapon.
Weekly Report:
There were three Trio crimes for the week ending 30 May 2010.

Two house robberies in Orange Grove and a car jacking in Oaklands.
Orange Grove – Streets affected 17th & 12th Streets.
Oaklands – African street is where the car-jacking occurred.
As per the other updates that I am sending out, house robberies are definitely becoming a large problem in our area.  Just because your suburb is not mentioned in this letter does not mean it will not happen.  We have criminals working throughout our area and even though they have targeted Orange Grove this week, they will move into the other suburbs in our area.  Hence the car jacking & other crimes that occur. 
The one house robbery was perpetrated by a criminal posing as a meter reader.  The home owner did not check his credentials and let the person onto her property. 
TIP – Always request identification from council or similar workers.  If the person is unable to then call the Police or your security company as you could stop this happening by catching the criminal (DO NOT APPREHEND YOURSELF as this could be dangerous if the criminal is armed).
The other house robbery occurred as the person was entering their property. 
TIP One must always be aware as you enter & exit your property as we are most vulnerable then.  If one sees suspicious persons hanging around drive around the block or to your SAPS.  This is especially true if one is being followed.
I attended the Lower Houghton Residents Association AGM last week.  Congratulations and best wishes must go to John King and the whole committee that is working hard within the suburb.  I would encourage residents to contact them.  The website I have is
Lookouts & warnings:

A silver/grey BMW involved in the car jacking in African Str – two males inside.  No other information is available on the vehicle.
Smash & Grab criminals are still operating at the Glenhove & 11th Ave off-ramps of the M1 highway.


There was an operation on the weekend where Crime Prevention arrested 19 persons for crimes committed and searched 215 persons and 48 vehicles.  Reservists on duty this weekend made 5 arrests of their own.
Detectives also had a successful conviction for Fraud.  24 month sentence suspended for 5 years.
Next Norwood CPF meeting – 30 June 2010 – 6 pm – Norwood SAPS Barracks
Jackie, A CPF member & concerned resident has organised a holiday day-care to be run for the children in and around the SAPS Barracks during the World Cup.  They are looking for some sponsors and persons willing to assist.  An open letter will be up later today with the information on the programme.
Thanks and I hope that everyone is distributing this letter as far and wide as possible.  I had a conversation with a member from a residents association that had not heard of this newsletter.  This means that the word is not getting out & this letter is not reaching more people.  If we do not continually broaden our network we will not be able to stop criminals from affecting us. 
Please pass this on to your community: inform & empower…

Article written by NCPF Support

Russell Cohen