Weekly report & reminder (Mon 2010/06/21)

To all of us,
I trust that everyone is enjoying the World Cup gees that took over after the opening game last week.  What a vibe this city has.  If you have not had a trip on the Gautrain, you are missing out.  It is such a joy to see what a bit of initiative and a lot of money can produce for our country.  Let’s all hope for a good win for Bafana today.  Our country is really emotional about our sporting teams and only a win will do.
Weekly Report:
There were two house robberies last week.  One in Houghton (6th Str) and another in Orchards (Garden Rd).

These appear to have either been opportunistic or an inside job.  Once again I must re-iterate to all of us as residents.  Please vet your staff that you have working for you.  Get a copy of their ID documents.  Ask them to obtain a police clearance certificate before they are allowed to work for you.  Take photos of them so you have a record of their facial features etc…  So often we hear reports of inside jobs and this can be avoided by simply doing a background check on the person.
Lookouts & warnings:
Opportunistic crimes are impossible to police.  The one house robbery occurred due to the resident leaving their gate open when they went to the shops.  Criminals cruise in the area and see an opening.  This is where vigilance and awareness can assist us all.  Be on the lookout for suspicious vehicles/persons and report these to your local security or the SAPS (10111).
Due to the World Cup there are a lot of scammers and petty criminals operating in our area.  Especially those places where people are going to congregate.  Be on the lookout and if you see something suspicious please let us know.  We can get the SAPS out to investigate these suspicions.  A person was caught at Melrose Arch by our members for having a card scanner (copies the details of your card).  She managed to rip off some tourists and get their card details by just being helpful.  Criminals are clever, never forget that.
Training of Guards:
For those that put their street and home guards through training.  Please know that I have certificates of completion and proof that all has been given to PSIRA for registration.  Let me know where these can be delivered?
As before there will be a meeting held on the 30th June – Next week Wednesday at the Norwood SAPS Boardroom (Single Barracks/Quarters).
Time – 6pm.

Norwood Community Police Forum
078 014 2387
Fax – 086 626 0268

Article written by NCPF Support

Russell Cohen