Weekly report & reminder (Mon 2010/06/28)

Hi Residents,
What a cold, cloudy day it is out there. I hope everyone is keeping themselves warm and out of reach of the sicknesses that are making the rounds at the moment. Speaking of things that make one sick, how about career criminals coming into the country to ply their trade over the World Cup. Yes it is true.
Melrose Arch security managed to nab two out of three suspects who fleeced a victim of her hard earned cash. She alerted the authorities and two of them were nabbed and are now languishing in our station detention facilities. A detective has been assigned to the case and with some work by him, our prison system should have some international guests soon.

Weekly Report:
There were no serious crimes committed over the past week. There were two house break-ins in Orange Grove on 10th Street and at the corner of 12th & 14th Street. In both cases the resident was not at home when the break-in occurred. There was also one in Melrose (Somerville Ave). In all of the instances electronic equipment was taken.
There were also a thefts from motor vehicles in a few suburbs. In one the actual wheels were stolen off of the vehicle.
Our members captured a couple criminals for attempted house robbery in Hope Str, Orange Grove. They got information on the perpetrators and then when patrolling the area where the crime occurred, caught them wandering in the suburbs minutes later.
The detectives also got a conviction for Reckless & negligent driving.
Crime prevention also had 8 arrests for “B” crimes and some Dagga was confiscated.
All it takes is a couple of seconds to break into a vehicle. If you leave things (laptops, briefcases) in your vehicle then it will get broken into. These are also often opportunistic as the criminal will be walking in the area (looking for an easy target) and will come across the vehicle. They are also easy to spot if one is out and about keep your eye out for these criminals. They could be loitering in your area or just look out of place. Confrontation is dangerous so get your security company or the SAPS to investigate your suspicions.
I will often question people hanging around outside my house to gauge their motives. Most often they are not there for nefarious purposes. I would recommend caution as this could put one in danger.
If we look out for one another then we could cut down on these petty crimes and slowly take back our streets.
Norwood CPF Public meeting – 30 June 2010 – Norwood SAPS Barracks Boardroom
As detailed before this is a Public meeting between us the community to discuss Crime & the functions of the CPF. All are invited. Please find attached the Agenda for the meeting. I would encourage all those that are able to attend to please do so. The meeting will start at 6pm sharp.

Tuesday 29th – Domestic watch:
Melrose & surrounds – 2pm at Wendy Machanik offices in Dunkeld.
Saxonwold & surrounds – 12 pm – War Museum.
Thanks and I wish you all have a safe week. Please remember to pass this on and to pass on information. The more people that we can reach the safer and more effective we can be.
For previous reports & other information please go to our website.

Norwood Community Police Forum
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Agenda NCPF Public Meeting 30 June 2010

Article written by NCPF Support

Russell Cohen