Norwood CPF Weekly Report – 26 July 2010

Hi All,
There is great strength and resolve amongst South Africans. I say this as I have been completely blown away by the support and love that has been shown toward the De Beer family since the tragedy last week. The way the community has come together to support him at this time demonstrates Ubuntu in it’s purest form.
After putting out my update last week I had numerous emails back from our community offering support. I mentioned this to Wendy from Victim Support and she suggested that if people do want to give money why don’t we get him a voucher so he can go and purchase things he needs.

The plan was put into action. I put up the call on our blog on calling for those that were keen, to deposit the money into our bank account. Since then we have had over 15 different people depositing money for him. It is amazing how powerful word of mouth transmission of information is. I thank all those that have opened their hearts to him at this time.

Tomorrow the 27th July 2010 is the last day we will accept donations to this cause. Please will all those that would like to contribute do so by the end of tomorrow. I shall then do a recon and purchase the Voucher. Our banking details are on the website.

Weekly Report
No trio crimes were reported for the week ending 25 July 2010.
Four house break-ins residential occurred – Water Ln (The Gardens), High Rd (Orchards), 8th Str & 2nd Str (Orange Grove).
In the one incident a suspect was arrested.

There were also two inquests opened over the weekend. Reports to follow once details are finalised as to the circumstances of the cases.


The Norwood SAPS affected 26 Arrests (A – 9 & B – 17).
There were two convictions handed down – One for cruelty to animals & the other for theft. Both were handed fines or terms of imprisonment.


There was one concern that has been raised from Randburg for corporations operating in our area. They reported that persons impersonating their own staff members have stolen computers from companies in their area. They enter under a pretext of fixing things and clean up when the staff turn their backs. Be aware and warn your security to be careful who they let in to your office buildings/parks.

There is a new section on the website that contains pictures & updates of lookouts for us to be aware of. Please visit and view.

Thanks and have a great week.

Duncan Barker
Norwood Community Police Forum
078 014 2387

Article written by Duncan Barker