Weekly report and reminder (Mon 2010/07/05)

Hi All,

The weather must be mirroring my feelings on the dubious circumstances through which our African brothers from Ghana were knocked out of the World Cup by Uruguay. Winning by cheating, well that’s what makes soccer (football) the most spoken about and loved sport in the world. Who could forget the ‘hand of God’ incident from the 1986 World Cup (Google ‘hand of God goal’).

Weekly Report

  • We have had another quiet week. No trio crimes to be reported.
  • There were 6 cases reported for the week. Three business break-ins, 1 armed mugging and 2 thefts out-of-motor vehicles.
  • Melrose Arch had a business break-in and a theft out-of-motor vehicle.
  • Norwood had a business break-in and a theft out-of-motor vehicle.
  • In Sydenham was a theft out-of-motor vehicle and in Orange Grove was the armed mugging on 8th Str.
  • On Cnr 17th Ave & Central in Houghton there was another attempted smash and grab.


  • 11 arrests were made this weekend by Crime Prevention.
  • 2 arrests were made by the CSC (Client service centre).
  • A conviction for possession of narcotics was obtained by our detectives.


I did hear of another house break-in in our area (Norwood) but no case has been opened at the station.

I re-iterate – if you do not report the crime it did not happen. The SAPS will not investigate and you are abetting the criminals. It is as bad as if you do nothing when you see someone getting robbed. We MUST know when a crime occurs so that we can allocate resources.

Please report all crimes that occur no matter how insignificant.

Thanks to all who took part in the GFA and Security forum meetings held last week.


There were three arrests made in the parking lot next to Woolworths (William rd) for drinking in public.

We need to build cases against the vagrants bringing down the image of our suburbs. Please pass on information, pictures and accounts of negative incidences with the vagrants, loiterers and unregistered guards operating in our area. The Norwood Village along with the CPF are trying to create a safe, friendly atmosphere in our area for all. This will require everyone to be involved and assist us with putting together dockets on each person so that we can form complete records of transgressions. Only then will prosecutors take the cases on and prosecute repeat offenders.

I understand that not everyone is a criminal but make no qualms about the fact that persons loitering in the area are assisting the criminals through passing on information or committing crimes themselves.

PSIRA and Guard training

Receipts and records of attendance are available at the station for those involved with this training. Please advise when you are able to collect.

Thanks once again to C Lindsay for the generous donation made to our organisation.

Have a great week and enjoy the last few games of the World spectacle of soccer.



Article written by NCPF Support

Russell Cohen