Weekly report and reminder (Mon 2010/07/12)

Hi All,
What a chilly winters morning it is on the highveld. Beautiful sunshine twisted with a bitterly cold wind – typical Jozi-like weather. The wind is not quite as twisted as the minds of the criminals that prey on the trusting and unsuspecting members of our suburbs.
I sent out the warning on Thursday about the City Power impostors. They ransacked a house in Orange Grove on Wednesday morning (11am) after the Domestic Worker let the criminals in under the guise of being from Eskom/City Power. Unlucky some might say, gullible others, however I would rather see this as a chance for everyone to learn.
All it takes is for you as an employer to educate your employees about crime fighting. Here are a few pointers:
Tell them not to let anyone onto your property without your approval. Tell them (allow them) to call you if they are concerned or worried.
Do they know how to call the SAPS? 10111
Does your employee know your security company’s number?
Do they know where the panic buttons are in your house?
Do they know how to react if someone enters the property?
Have you explained to them the dangers of talking to strangers about what goes on in your house? Have you let them know how important it is to report suspicious activities – even if just to you? Do they know the 3 22 11 sms tip-off number?
Do you know all of the above?

We have run a Domestic Watch Programme in the past that educated our Domestic workers and Gardeners how to combat crime in their own way. Most of the things listed above one can do on your own. All one has to do is sit down and discuss these pointers with your employee’s. DO IT, it could save yours and your neighbours lives.
I guess the point is to communicate with your domestic employee’s. It is as simple as that…
Weekly report
Two trio’s were reported last week – the house robbery in 15th Str, Orange Grove, detailed above and a car-jacking in Wallace Str, Waverley.
The criminals hi-jacked a Mercedes Benz while the occupants were in their driveway. This appears to have been opportunistic due to the circumstance of the crime.
Once again we must be alert when exiting and entering our premises.
There was also a break-in on the outskirts of Orchards – corner of Short & Pine Streets.
Dark Blue Nissan 1400 – RTH 007 GP
Red Golf 5 GTi – purportedly being used by the Rolex Gang
Thanks and I hope you all have a great week. If you would like more info please feel free to send us an email.
Thanks to all of those that responded to the warning email last week. Good to know people are reading our correspondence & taking it seriously.


Article written by NCPF Support

Russell Cohen