Norwood CPF Weekly Report

Hi All,
Another eventful week in South Africa has gone passed. The collection for Shane de Beer has been finalised and I shall be putting up a list of donors and the amount raised on the website later today. A big thank you to all those that so graciously donated to this cause.

It does appear that there are still some people out there that do not know about us the NCPF. They have not been informed about our purpose, that we are from the community itself and that we are there to assist. Now the reason I bring this up is due to the following:
I met a community member at the station this morning that had a bad experience over the weekend in the Client service centre (CSC). He had come in this morning to speak to the senior management and lay a complaint/charge. Fortunately I was in the charge office at the time and was able to assist him in his quest to be heard. He was spoiling for a fight and the situation needed to be handled diplomatically.

We do know of the challenges that face us with the CSC and are developing strategies to help our SAPS deal more effectively with the public. Good service is important and the Officers do know this and do their utmost in helping out the community members that require assistance at the station. There are always going to be times when things do not happen the way they are supposed to. This is where we, the Norwood CPF, come in and can assist us, the public, in having our issues addressed. I was able to diffuse the situation and will be dealing with it through the appropriate avenues.

We need to spread the word. If you are in touch with your residence associations or are part of an organisation that works in our area please forward this email on. The more input & reach we have the more effective we and the Norwood SAPS can become.

Important update on criminal activity

Melrose Arch & the surrounds appear to be a new place for criminals to hang out. The World Cup & the fan-zone that Melrose Arch put together brought a whole lot attention to our suburbs. There have been numerous reports of petty theft of bags and cellphones in Melrose Arch. So there is a warning to all to please be aware of your personal belongings when sitting at restaurants & other public areas within the precinct. There have also been numerous vehicles related crimes in the parking areas within Melrose Arch.
There is clearly a syndicate working in and around the shopping precinct. It would be in everyone’s interest to pass on information and to report suspicious activities. Crime Line 3-22-11 is an excellent way to pass on an anonymous tip-off to the SAPS. We are also in the position to pass on any and all information that we have to the SAPS & security at Melrose Arch.

The Rolex Gang is also operating again – two persons were robbed of their watches in our area. They appear to be using an Audi A8 at the moment.

Weekly crime report – 26 July – 1 August 2010
There was one Trio crime – a car-jacking. It occurred in Rouxville, Cnr Louis Botha & Boundary.
There was an attempted car-jacking on the corner of Atholl & Louis Botha as well.

House break-in & theft6 occurrences at the following streets & suburbs:
Central Str, Houghton; Cnr Short & Pine, O.G.; Fanny Rd, Norwood; 10th Str, O.G.; Shipston Ln; Victoria; Meyer Str, Highlands Nrth; 2nd Str, Abbotsford.

A couple petty thefts & armed robberies occurred in and around our area. These are crimes where cellphones or money was stolen off of people moving around.

Motor vehicle related crimes:
2 – Theft of MV –
Cnr Wrenrose & St Andrew Str Birdhaven & at Melrose Arch;
4 – Theft out of a MV – Engen Garage (Rosebank); Kloof Str, Fairwood; 16th Str O.G.; Nellie Rd Norwood;
There were also 2 smash & grabs at the Athol-Oaklands off-ramp from the Highway
3 attempted thefts of MV’s occurred at the following places: Melrose Arch, then on the corners of North & Wrenrose – outside the Planet Fitness & then in Linksfield (Cnr Gemil & Club Str).

In an operation last week we fined a number of people for illegal activites within our area. It still baffles me how many people drive around with out their driving licenses or in a vehicle that is not licensed.
CSC – 2 ‘A’ arrests this weekend.
Crime Prevention – 2 ‘A’ and 10 ‘B’ arrests were made.

The SAPS & other municipal bodies have been conducting operations in Norwood on the corners of Grant Ave & William Rd. This is to ensure that we clear out our area of undesirable influences.
One of the focuses is the illegal parking that occurs outside Woolworths and on the left hand side of Grant Ave (heading South). I shall be putting together an article in the local paper about this. The important thing to do is to obey the laws of the road and only park where you are supposed to park. There sign posts that tell us all where we can and cannot park on Grant Ave & the side roads.
The SAPS & Metro will continue to fine and impound vehicles that park illegally in our area. Crime fighting starts at the broken window.

I wish you all a safe and wonderful week.

Duncan Barker
Norwood Community Police Forum
078 014 2387
Fax – 086 638 4230

Article written by Duncan Barker