Norwood CPF Weekly Report

Hi All,
Happy Womens Day to all of the Women out there.  We have so many female role models in our station for all to look up to and admire.  Our Station Commissioner Colonel E Lebeko and her deputies have all worked hard to get where they are in the force. Our Victim support unit is staffed by seven women who give of their time voluntarily to help victims of crime in our precinct.  All of these ladies would be great role models for all of us out there who require direction and motivation.
No matter who you are, it takes a lot of effort to get places in this world.  I have heard it said that the harder one works, the luckier you get.

Norwood CPF Meeting – 25th August 2010
Where – Norwood SAPS Barracks Boardroom
Time – 18:00 (6 pm)

Weekly Report – 2 Aug – 9 Aug
Things appear to be getting a bit hairy out there.  I advise all of you to be a bit more aware and pass on all information that you have.  If you see anything suspicious do not take it lightly, call your security provider or the SAPS and inform them.
We had 4 Trio crimes for the week:
House Robbery – 9th Ave, Orange Grove (At night)
Business Robbery – Grant Ave, Norwood (Morning)
The business robbery happened during the morning rush.  No-one saw anything.  If you work in Norwood & elsewhere in our area please be careful at opening time.  Shop owners should look out for one another at opening & closing.
Murder – 9th Str, Orange Grove (Midday)
This appears to be domestic violence related and is currently under investigation.
Car Jacking – Main Str, Rouxville.
In the car jacking – the victim suspected a vehicle but still went into their driveway.  The vehicle was then forcibly taken from them.  As above, if you are suspicious of a vehicle or persons, drive around the block.  The vehicle will know they have been spotted and should move off.  You should then call it in or drive to the Police station to report it if you are nervous.  Try to remember the make, model, license plates and a description of occupants (if possible).

Theft of vehicles – Old Ed’s, Henrietta Rd (Norwood), Club Str (Linksfield).
Theft out of MV – Linksfield, Old Ed’s, 11th Ave highway off-ramp, Melrose Nrth.
House break-in & theft – Stirling Str (Waverley), 9th Ave (Orange Grove), 8th Str (Orange Grove), Jessie Rd (Norwood), 6th Str (Houghton), 11th Str (Orange GRove), 1st Str (Orange Grove), Raglan Str (Sydenham), 2nd Ave (Houghton), Jessie Ave (Norwood).

Other items to note

Melrose Arch – there are still thefts of handbags & property at Melrose Arch.  Please be aware when shopping & dining at the center.

Tips & important reminders

Besides what I have already suggested above I should re-iterate the following safety tips:
No-one should carry large amounts of cash around with them.  An armed robbery occurred in Houghton where a large amount of cash was taken.  Most of these crimes are based on insider information.  Use professional couriers or other similar means to transport cash.  Do not have a routine when moving cash around, always change the time & routes etc…
In Norwood a house was broken into and two guns were stolen.  That represents another two weapons now on the black market that could end up killing an innocent person.  If you own a weapon please ensure that it is properly locked away in a gun safe that should prevent it from being stolen.  It is irresponsible to own a deadly weapon and to not have the proper facilities to ensure that it does not fall in to the wrong hands.

That is all from us, have a safe week and please pass on this message to others in our community.


Duncan Barker
Norwood Community Police Forum
078 014 2387
Fax – 086 638 4230

Article written by Duncan Barker