Norwood CPF Weekly Report

Hello Everyone,
What a lovely late Winters day it is out there.  It is actually quite hot if you go and stand in the sun for a while.  Which is what I have just been doing, with a concerned community member, at the intersections of Louis Botha and Athol in Highlands North.  A focal area of our precinct when it comes to criminal and by-law infringements.  There are things that we can and are doing to fix these issues.  It all takes patience and fortitude.  We will be able to achieve things if we are fully committed and ensure those that are accountable carry out their mandates.

Reminder – NCPF Public Meeting
25 August 2010 – 18:00 (6pm)
Norwood SAPS Barracks Boardroom

Weekly Report – 10  – 15 Aug
Trio crimes are down to only one.  A car jacking occurred at 14th Str in Orange Grove.  The victim was closing their garage after entering their property when the criminals approached & took the vehicle and personal possessions.

Motor vehicle related:
Theft of MV – Nelly Rd (Norwood) & Patterson Rd (Norwood)
Theft out of MV – St Andrews Rd (Houghton), 16th Str (Orange Grove), Henrietta Str (Norwood), Elroy (Fairmount).

House break-ins:
Hildreen Ave, (Fairmount), Iris Rd (Norwood), 4th Ave (Highlands North) & Oaklands Rd (Orchards)

Business break-ins:
7th Str (Houghton Estate) & on Louis Botha (Orange Grove) – in both instances computers were taken.

An armed robbery occurred where the person had a substantial amount of cash.  Invariably these are an inside job – please see my report from last week –

There are other crimes that do occur but are not included in this report.  For a full report on criminal activity I suggest you attend the bi-monthly public NCPF meetings held at the station.

Criminal activities:
There was a report of an infant being dumped in the North-eastern Tribune papers a few weeks ago.  There is a report of this occurring in our area this last weekend.  When I have more information I shall pass this on to the public.

Successes & crime prevention:
Over the weekend our crime prevention was operating and arrested 30 persons for numerous offences.  137 people and 70 vehicles were searched.  The detectives also had a success of arresting two persons for assault and assault GBH (Grevious bodily harm).

Victim Support Unit (VSU):
The VSU has just welcomed a new volunteer and we would like to thank her for giving of her time to our community.

Hot to get involved?
How to do this – here are a few ideas: Start a street committee – become the captain for your street/block.  Create a platform to gather and pass on this information to the SAPS.  This does not mean patrolling late at night or performing policing duties.  All it means is getting to know your neighbours and letting them know about the NCPF or other initiatives in your area.  The more people that are in the know the less likely they are to be a victim. 

Do you know your neighbours number?  Do they know yours?  It is often them that will hear or see something suspicious first.  Don’t you want them to be able to assist you? 
We need to instill a sense of community amongst us.  A community that cares for all and looks out for one another.  Not one that just shares the same space.  Get involved in any way that you are able to.

Thanks once again all those that contribute time, money or information to the NCPF.  The more active members we have in our community the less crime will affect it. 
Have a great week.


Duncan Barker
Norwood Community Police Forum
078 014 2387
Fax – 086 638 4230

Article written by Duncan Barker