Norwood CPF Weekly Report (30/08/2010)

Hi All,

With a new Area Commissioner comes a new ideology on the best way to police our streets.  As per last weeks update there was some uncertainty as to where everyone stood after these new regulations were proclaimed on our police station.  I shall include a blog on the website later this week explaining the whole change for those that are interested.  Due to there being no stats released for last week I shall include those in this report. 

There were some successes highlighted in the local community paper last week (North Eastern Tribune Vol 39- No 34) and I would like to point out that these successes are due to the hard work that the Norwood SAPS does for our community.  They organised the SPCA to come and attend to the cats in Houghton.  Their determination to track down a murderer ensured that he was caught and will be tried accordingly.  There are many things that are happening and things that need to happen.  A request goes out once again for all those that are tired of being the victims to come forward and assist the NCPF with our functions.

Crime report – 20 – 30 August 2010
Trio crimes
There were four trio crimes:
A Car jacking on the 25th August in Highlands North .
A house robbery on the 27th in Linksfield (Tregoning St).
A house robbery on the 28th in Norwood (Frances Rd).
A business robbery on the 30th (this morning) in Houghton on 11th Ave.

Three suspects in the business robbery were apprehended along with the stolen goods.  Investigations are underway.
In the others the criminals are still at large.  Anyone with any information on these should please come forward.

Other crimes
Motor vehicle related theft is by far one of the largest issues in our area.  A plea must be made to the community to not leave valuables in your vehicle when parking on our streets.  If you do then you are setting yourself up for disappointment.
Motor vehicle related:
Thefts out of motor vehicles
– 14 occurrences.  They are spread around our area.  One place that is easy to point out is the 11th Avenue exit off of the M1 highway – be aware & report suspicious persons.
Theft of MV – 6 occurrences.  Suburbs – Norwood (Ivy Rd & Nellie Rd), Orange Grove, Linksfield, Melrose, Melrose Arch, Houghton

House break-ins – 11 occurrences – Orange Grove x4 (10th Ave, 4th, 6th & 14th Str), Houghton Estate (Young Ave), The Gardens (Spring Rd), Norwood x 2 (Wolfgang & Grant Ave), Houghton (4th Str), Highlands North x 2 (Merriam & 11th Ave).

Burglary Businesses – 2 occurrences – Waverley (Athol Str) & Orange Grove (Louis Botha)

The crime prevention operations over the weekend netted 32 wanted suspects for a variety of crimes.  A drug dealer was also arrested for possession of Marijuana. 
As above – three suspected business robbers were caught.

In both of the House Robbery the suspects were three males (black) and in the one they impersonated police officers.  It is always recommended that persons contact the SAPS on 10111 when they are approached by SAPS members that are not identifiable with name tags and uniforms.  SAPS members must at all times have their name tags and uniforms on when performing crime prevention activities.  A quick call to 10111 informing them of your suspicions will sort this out.

Crime at Melrose Arch is still an issue.  Please be careful with your personal belongings when going to the restaurants.  It is also advisable to hide away your valuables that are left in the vehicles.  There are still reports of general theft and theft out of Motor vehicles occurring within the confines of the shopping precinct.

The time that majority of crimes are occurring is – 18:00 – 22:00 in the evening.  Please be aware and on the lookout.  Please report any unidentified males of two or three on foot or in a vehicle that you consider out of the ordinary.  Either to 10111 or your local security provider.
Thanks and I trust that you are all enjoying the start of our wonderful South African Spring.

Keep supporting the work in your community!  Lets also hope for another good win by the Bokke this weekend!

Duncan Barker
Norwood Community Police Forum
078 014 2387
Fax – 086 638 4230

Article written by Duncan Barker