Norwood CPF Weekly Report 27 Sept 2010

Hi All,

I trust that everyone has had a good long weekend and survived the Heritage day braai.  The short week threw things into some chaos and I apologise for not getting a report out last week.  An important thing to note is the fact that House Robberies appear to be more prevalent over the last few weeks.  There is not one suburb that is being targeted it is just happening.  Please be aware in the early mornings and evenings as this appears to be the time that they occur.  It is also advisable to be wary of two or more males on foot in your area.  If you are concerned go around the block (if driving) or walk in another direction (cross the road).  Most times, if they are up to no good, they will know they have been spotted and head off.  You should call your Sector SAPS van or your local security company.

Pass on any information that you think is necessary.  Call in your concerns to the SAPS or your local security company.  As has been advertised through General Petros, we have branded Sector vehicles with appointed cellphone numbers for said vehicles.  Please see the section at the end of this email regarding this.

Crime report – 21 – 26th September 2010
Trio crimes

House robberies – 3 – Highlands North x 2 and Orange Grove
It does appear that in a lot of House Robberies the criminals involved got inside information.  I have written about this before but it is so imperative to know who you employ or let into your house.  In the one robbery the criminals knew there was cash, electronics and weapons in the house.  Now there are two more weapons on the street to be used in Robberies.  Get copies of ID’s and addresses of your employees, not only the address of where they stay now but where they come from – get to know them.

Other crimes

Motor vehicle related:
Thefts out of motor vehicles – 4 occurrences in Houghton, Melrose Arch x 2, The Gardens
Theft of MV -  1 occurrence – Melrose

House break-ins -  9 occurrences – Melrose x 2 (Athol Oaklands), Orange Grove (6th Ave, 8th Ave), Oaklands (Pretoria Str, Meyer Str), Highlands North (10th Ave), Orchards (Oaklands Rd) & Waverley (Scott Str).

Burglary Businesses – 1 occurrence – Highlands North (Louis Botha Ave).

Other crimes to highlight:
An inquest has been opened into a suicide that occurred in the Norwood SAPS Parking lot on the 21 September. As a case has been opened I will not elaborate further.


Due to all the officers being at a seminar this morning I was unable to get stats on the arrests for the weekend.

General – New Cellphone branded SAPS vehicles:

The new Provincial Commissioner has been talking about the new cellphone numbers for each Sector that will be branded on each vehicles side.  We have the numbers and they are on the vehicles already.  Have a lookout when you pass a Norwood SAPS van.  I shall be posting pictures of the vehicles and their numbers on our website.  Please would you utilise these if you have concerns or would like response from the relevant van for your Sector – they should be there within 15 minutes. 
I do advise caution when using these for a number of reasons.  Firstly our station is understaffed with crime prevention members and members that are capable drivers.  As such we do not have enough members to have two vehicles in each sector at all times.  So there will be times when one vehicle (and phone) is then not out on patrol.  That is why you should keep both numbers handy and call both if you need someone to come around to investigate your complaint.  We will divert the phones to whichever vehicle is operational so you should always get someone.
I would encourage community members to first call 10111 for emergencies and then call up your Sector vehicle.

Thanks and have a safe week.  Please pass this on and spread the word.
Duncan Barker
Norwood Community Police Forum
078 014 2387
Fax – 086 638 4230

Article written by Duncan Barker