Norwood CPF Weekly report – 11/10/2010

Greetings to all of you out there. 
A true African farewell was held for the retirement of Warrant Officer Bokaba on Friday afternoon the 8th October 2010.  After 35 years of dedicated service to the SAPS, W/o Bokaba bid farewell to the force and will spend his well-earned retirement working in his garden and telling stories of his experiences as a police officer in Johannesburg.

A big thank you must go to the following persons & entities that assisted us with the day:

Altech –
Sugar Activism –
Darryl Marcus
Wendy Rubenstein for her assistance in the set-up and decor.  The Entertainment Committee put in incredible effort to make the day a success and so it was!

I trust that things are going well and if not the Norwood SAPS is here to assist you in times of need.  The NCPF was able to assist two members of the Community with queries at the station and got these resolved as this is one of the services that we offer us the community.  Please let people know of us, the more of us, the community, we can reach the better for everyone concerned.

Crime report – 1 – 11 October 2010
Trio crimes

There were two trio crimes for the period:
1 x Business robbery in Birdhaven 1 October – there were some suspicions about the validity of this claim and the Detectives are looking into it.

1 x Car hi-jacking in Houghton – 7 October @ 07:30 – persons were caught in their driveway and the vehicle was taken.  No injuries and the vehicle was recovered thereafter in the area.

Other crimes

Motor vehicle related:
Thefts out of motor vehicles – 8 occurrences – Houghton, Houghton Estate, Norwood (Algernon), Oaklands (Pretoria), Melrose Arch, Houghton (Houghton Dr).

An issue is still the off-ramps off of the M1 highway – PLEASE BE AWARE

Theft of MV – 3 occurrences – Orange Grove (2nd Str), Norwood (Grant Ave) & Sydenham (At the Public pool). 

House break-ins -  14 occurrences – Orange Grove (1st Str, 2nd Str, 6th Str, 10th Str, 12th Str, 15th Str), Victoria (Burford), Orchards (High Rd), Norwood (Wolfgang), Highlands North (9th Ave), Oaklands (Oaklands), Waverley (Hamlin) & Melrose Estate (Sommerville)

Burglary Businesses – 4 occurrences – Orange Grove (8th Str), Melrose (Corlett Dr), Norwood (Grant Ave & Francis Rd).

Other crimes – There have been a number of thefts and thefts out of motor vehicles outside the Planet Fitness in Birdhaven.  If you choose to not park in the paying parking please do not leave valuable items in your vehicles.

There was a Murder on the weekend that was Domestic Violence related.  It occurred in Club Rd, Linksfield and the person who committed the crime is now behind bars at the Norwood Cells.


There is a white Citi Golf currently doing the rounds in our area.  The vehicle appears not to have any plates or they keep changing.  If you see a suspicious vehicle in your area use the numbers for the Norwood SAPS Vans for your Sectors and call them to come and have a look.  In an emergency you must dial 10111.

Crime prevention tips:

Criminals operating in the area have taken to lifting gates off of rails in order to gain entry to properties.  This is quite prevalent in Orange Grove and Highlands North.  Please be aware of the security risks on your property as once you have knowledge of this you are then empowered to act thereon.

In light of the attacks on Malls and especially Jewellers in the Malls, I have been asked to instruct that if security personnel in a shopping centre advise you to “lie down” or move away from an area I would suggest that you listen to them.


The Norwood SAPS are looking for another camera in order to Profile suspects.  The one camera that is being used in the station is in high demand.  If there is a member of the community that would like to sponsor a camera please contact us.


Thanks and I hope that you all have a safe week.  Please contact us with any crime tip-offs or comments.  The more information that we have the more we can do as a community to fight the scourge that is criminal activity. 
Find us on Twitter – Norwood CPF or @NorwoodCPF

Norwood Community Police Forum
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Fax – 086 638 4230

Article written by Duncan Barker