Norwood CPF Weekly Report – 15/11/2010

Good afternoon everyone.  I trust we all had a good weekend and enjoyed the Boks victory over a determined Wales.  Two on the trot is excellent going.  Well done to Banyana Banyana for a convincing win and a respectable third place in the CAF African Women Championship 2010.

Norwood CPF Public Meeting – 24 November 2010 – 18:00 (6pm).
At the Norwood SAPS Barracks Boardroom

White Mercedes Benz (model & registration not available) with two to three male occupants, involved in criminal activities in our area.  If you see this, or a similar vehicle in your area please call 10111 , your local security company or the SAPS vehicle numbers for your Sector.

Response required:
We would like to know what the rest of us think are the issues with the Norwood SAPS.  We want your 5 main issues – not more, just 5 of your burning and most irritating issues that you find when dealing and interacting with the Norwood Police.

Reply to this email with a list of 5 issues. 

The reason for this request is to highlight the main areas that we feel as a community are the most important.  We will create and action plan with SAPS management to deal with these issues.  Feedback and monitoring will then take place to ensure that these issues are dealt with.  The purpose is to improve the overall experience when dealing with the Norwood SAPS.

Crime Watch – Week ending 14 Nov 2010

Last week was busier then usual.  We are coming into the Christmas rush, criminal also need to buy gifts for their families…or rather steal gifts for their families.  They are also feeding the need for cheap stolen goods.  If you buy stolen goods you are contributing to crime!

We had two robberies involving armed persons entering houses.  Part of their MO (Modus operandi) is to wear white balaclavas and gloves.  One of the vehicles that they use is the white Mercedes listed above.
They followed the occupant of the house into his driveway and prevented him from closing or reversing out.  Once again one must be aware when entering or exiting your premises.  A loop around your block if you are suspicious of a vehicle behind you will indicate if you are being followed.  If you are then call 10 111 or your security provider or the SAPS vehicles for your sector.  The SAPS should respond to your call!


Reservists – Arrest of a drug dealer with contraband in his possession.
Detectives – Conviction for DUI.

Norwood Residents

A private security company has come forward with a proposal to place their guards on bicycles in your suburb.  They will be connected to their control room and will be patrolling the suburb on their bikes.  They will notify the SAPS when confronted by criminal activity and dispatch their own response vehicles.  They are offering this service as a non-profit venture for the Norwood Residents.  The Norwood Residents Association (NORA) will be actively following through with this initiative as well.  Please get in touch with us if you are interested as this security will require the resident’s financial support. 
This will be an excellent way to bring down criminal activity and should be supported by all of us who reside in the suburb of Norwood.  I shall be providing my personal support to this!

Awareness drive – 20 November 2010
This Saturday come down and meet your NCPF representatives and members of the Norwood SAPS.  We will be having an awareness drive from 10:00 to 13:00 at the Norwood Mall. 

Thanks to everyone that is passing on information and supporting our work.  Please could all those that are interested in getting involved come to the meeting next week. 

Duncan Barker
Norwood Community Police Forum
078 014 2387
Fax – 086 638 4230
Twitter – @NorwoodCPF
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Article written by Duncan Barker