Norwood CPF Weekly Report – 22/11/2010

Norwood CPF Public Meeting
24 November 2010
18:00 / 6pm
The Norwood SAPS Barracks Boardroom

This year is really beating passed us at an alarming rate.  Soon it will be December and Christmas will have come and gone in the blink of an eye.  It is the time of year when crime tends to be more prevalent as the criminals are also in search of their 13th cheque.  This means that we, as residents, must be aware and become more vigilant. 

Crime Report

There was a marked increase over the last few weeks in break-ins and robberies of persons on foot. 

In the House break-ins access was gained through the back door and they were forced open.  If your house does not have an alarm system, you must investigate other ways to prevent criminals from gaining access to your property & home.  Identify weak points and look to make these stronger.
If you have an alarm system I would suggest that you allow your security company access to your property.  I have this arrangement with my security provider.  If my alarm goes off they are able to gain access and check to see what is going on.  It defeats the purpose of armed response if the response personnel are unable to get in to see whether there has been a break-in.  With our high walls, no-one can see into our properties, not even those that are trying to assist or prevent crimes.  Contact your provider and discuss this option with them.

Two separate street robberies occurred in two different suburbs and sectors.  In both instances the complainants were walking and the criminals struck when there were not aware of the imminent danger.

If you do spot two or more males on foot in your suburb call your local security company or the Norwood SAPS vehicles.  They should come out and investigate.  We must do the same for all suspected criminal activities, call it in and let the SAPS do the investigation.  We must report no matter how benign it may seem to be.  Either let the CPF know via the numerous forums available or leave a anonymous tip-off on our website.


White Bakkie – Registration – RMR 925 GP – involved in criminal activity in our area.  If seen please contact the SAPS – 10111 or your local security company.  Thereafter call your local SAPS Sector vehicle and they should respond as well (if not already dispatched).

Awareness drive

The awareness drive on Saturday went off well.  We were able to interact with residents and members of our suburbs.  It is imperative that we expand our reach within our area as this will enable us to disseminate information quickly and effectively to all of those affected.  It also provides a platform for us to pass tip-offs and intelligence back to the SAPS.  It is also a way to get the residents involved.  The more of us that are actively involved in community organisations such as ourselves, the better it is for all of us.

I would like to encourage all of you that are keen to get involved and would like to find out how, please come to the meeting on Wednesday.

Thanks to the Committee and the Victim support unit volunteers who came out to help and chat to the community!

Thanks and see you all on Wednesday evening.

Duncan Barker
Norwood Community Police Forum
078 014 2387
Fax – 086 638 4230
Twitter – @NorwoodCPF
Facebook – Norwood Community Police Forum

Article written by Duncan Barker