Norwood CPF Weekly Report – 17 Jan 2011

Hi All,
Our new Station Commissioner – Colonel Mochela appears to be settling in and is beginning to take charge.  We had our first SCCF meeting this morning, which he chaired, and it is quite clear that he is a no nonsense Commander who expects the best from all of us.  I say us as I am including the Norwood SAPS and us the community in that. 

We, as the community, must realise our role in creating a community that we would want to live, work and play in.  We must get involved in fighting against crime.  It is also true that to often we see the law as something that applies to other people and not us.  I am sorry to say that it does, it applies to each and everyone one of us.  Think about that next time you purchase a copied DVD, buy stolen goods or lay a charge of theft for insurance purposes.

I have had numerous arguments with my own group of friends about the fact that they feel it is ok to bribe an official if you are caught drunk driving?  How is this ok?  Where does one then draw the line about when it is ok to pay a bribe? Is it not then ok for a worried mother to bribe an official to get a robbery docket thrown away/lost?  Is she not then looking after her child’s best interests? 
To me it is quite clear, if you commit a crime you must face the charges that the crime deserves.  Drinking and driving is a criminal act, and one that can cause as much pain and hardship as any other crime.

Weekly Report – 16 Jan 2011
There was a murder that occurred at the Balfour Park Shopping Centre on Saturday morning.  The case is currently being investigated and as such I am not in the position to divulge any details.  The Norwood SAPS are following up numerous leads and I shall be able to provide clarity by the next update. 

There were a number of break-ins and one house robbery.  It is evident that criminals do survey their options when deciding which houses to rob.  Please remember to lock your doors at night or when you are out.  It is also advisable to invest in security that lets you know when a break-in occurs.  If this happens then the SAPS will be able to respond and catch the criminals in the act.

Theft out of motor vehicle is still prevalent in Norwood & Orange Grove.  Please do not leave valuables in your vehicle if you park it on the road. 

TIME – 6 PM or 18:00

Have a good week and I wish you all a safe and secure 2011.


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Article written by Duncan Barker