Remote blockers

Hi All,

A worrying trend has become apparent.  Criminals are using remote blockers to hinder the effectiveness of your Car/Motor Vehicle’s remote locking mechanism.  The remote blocker does exactly that, it blocks your vehicles remote from sending the signal to your vehicle to lock the doors.

You leave your vehicle thinking that it is locked but it is not.  The criminals then drive up, open up your car/bakkie/sedan etc… (because the entire car is unlocked) and make off with any valuables that might be in it. 

They are obviously after high value items such as laptops etc… but do not think that your GPS or valuables are safe just because you do not carry one of them.  Be warned and not a victim, check that the doors are locked – it will only take a second or two more.

This has been reported in the press and it occurred yesterday in Bedfordview.  We must thank our sources for this information. 
This is why our network of information sharing is vital.  Encourage more people to sign up on our website and get involved in the area!

Have a great week, and be aware!

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Article written by Duncan Barker