NCPF Weekly report – 3 March 2011

Hi All,

It is good to be back communicating with all of you again.  The break between these updates has been a bit to long for my liking as well.
So here is the latest update and reminders for the month of March and April. 

The main thing is for everyone to just look out for one another.  There is a definite increase in house break-ins in our areas.  These usually happen late at night and during the day when there are less people in our area.  These crimes can be controlled if we all keep an eye out for one another.  When you are driving in the suburbs be attentive to what is going on around you.  The more that you see the less likely you are to be a victim and the more likely you are to see something that looks suspicious. 
If you do see something suspicious you MUST call it in.  Phone the SAPS cell phone numbers for the vehicles in the area or call your private security company to come investigate.  I have put the SAPS cell phone number up on the website so please download the document and put it up in your house.  Teach your kids and your employees the numbers and who to call in an emergency.  Do they know to use 10111? 

Do they know the crime line sms number? 

Do you?
Simple things make the biggest difference and if we all just make a little more effort here… the world will change around us!

The Rolex gang is back and there are more then one chapter operating.  An arrest was made in another are and there was a crime a day later in another.  They are following patrons from the Mall and shopping centres in our area.  This has happened after someone was followed from Melrose Arch. 

I go back to what I was mentioning above – be alert when turning into your driveway.  A hi-jacking occurred a week ago where the victim saw the vehicle & occupants that eventually perpetrated the crime.  They followed him and instead of driving defensively the victim disregarded the threat.
What do I mean by driving defensively?  Be aware – if you see something strange or suspicious take the following actions: Do a circle of your block if you think you are being followed.  Call the SAPS or your local security company and request their assistance.  If you are scared, drive to the police station.  The criminals will realise they have been spotted and should disappear or hopefully be apprehended by the personnel that you have alerted to their whereabouts.  the point is to not turn into your driveway as you are then in a vulnerable position as you cannot go anywhere when they pull up behind you.

We would all like to live in a safe environment without having to look over our shoulders all the time.  Until that time all I am saying is "Be aware" for ALL of our sakes not just your own.

The increase in house break-ins I have mentioned above.  Once again if you do not have private security this should be a priority for you.  Get to know your neighbours. If you are not at home then at least you have another set of eyes and ears to look out for you.
You may think this an obvious statement, but too many of us do not even know our neighbours name, let alone a contact number…  Surely this is imperative for your safety? 

Bump & hi-jack – a new MO (modus operandi) is for criminals to hi-jack your car after having apparently "bumped" into yours in an apparent accidental bumper bashing. 

This is a difficult one to be aware of as we have all had bumper bashings before.  One gets out their car straight after to check the damage.  The warning is there, if the vehicle and it’s occupants look suspicious I would suggest pulling over only in a public space and not on a dark or empty road.  I think common sense should prevail, if you see guys suddenly jump out of the car behind you then take evasive action to avoid becoming a victim.  If it is a busy road the presence of others should represent some safety – but do not assume anything – I repeat – we live in a big city – be aware and careful.

Criminals ARE using remote blockers to hinder the effectiveness of your car’s remote.  They then waltz up to your vehicle, pop the boot and steal the contents.  This is happening in shopping centres around our town.  Check your doors when you lock your car with a remote – two more seconds and voila, no tears when you return.  I have written a longer report on this – please check the website.

30 March 2011 – NCPF public meeting – 6pm Norwood SAPS Barracks.

Norwood CPF AGM – This is planned for the 14th April at 18:30 for 18:45

If you would like to be nominated for a position please let me know and I shall send you a nomination form.  Becoming an executive requires a police clearance – this shall be done at the station.

Thanks and I wish you all a safe March,  This year is bombing passed at an incredible rate!  It has already been almost three years that I have been part of the CPF…

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Article written by Duncan Barker