NCPF Report – 4 April 2011

Hi All,

Crime is on the increase in our area.  You may have gotten the Tweets or emails from other security providers and it is true.  The crimes that are a problem are robbery, hi-jacking, theft of motor-vehicles and burglary residential.  A robbery is defined as such when there is personal contact with a criminal.  As far as I can see this is the same across our City, so it is not just our area that is a problem.  We need to be aware, especially when entering or exiting your property.  It is also vital that you get to know all of your neighbours and other members of your community – the person selling sweets on your corner.  As everyone is an extra ears or eyes that will listen out for you when you are unable to (or not at home).
The more we create a community network, the better and safer everything will be.

Come get involved and make your voice heard – The NCPF AGM is occurring:
When – 14th April 2011
Where – Paterson Park Rec Centre
Time – 18:15 for 18:30

There is a Red and a Grey Ford Focus, registration XT XT 49 GP, that is involved in criminal activity in our area.  If you see this vehicle please let the police know on 10 111 or give your local security company a call.
There are still thefts out of motor vehicles at Melrose Arch and at the Planet Fitness at the Wanderers.  If you do frequent these places please do not leave valuables in plain sight as your car will be broken into.  The Planet Fitness is a bigger issue as members often come straight from work and there is invariably something in their boots (which is what the criminals are counting on).  If you do frequent this gym I would advise parking inside and not on the road.  There is less security on the road and as such your vehicle is a target for criminals.

Linksfield Hospital robbery
This appears to have been an inside job.  A security guard that was on duty during the robbery has been taken in for questioning due to the surveillance camera footage that has been passed on to the Norwood SAPS.

A thanks must go out to the Security companies that are assisting with operations in our area.  During the last operation there was no crime throughout our area.  So we would like to specifically thank ADT and CAP for their hard work and effort in our area and assistance during the operation.

Please attend the AGM and get involved in the CPF.  If you value the investment you have made in your property, business or life here in South Africa, then you must stand up and be counted as someone who made a difference.
We will be launching some interesting new forums and initiatives that should present opportunities for everyone to get involved.
One of the main purposes of the AGM is to adopt a new constiution that should allow the CPF to become a Public benefit organisation (PBO) and fall in line with the Provincial CPF constitution that was adopted last year.  The constitution should be up on the website for those who would like to review it by the end of the current week.  If you would like to comment on this or contribute in any way to it, please email me directly.

Have a great week and please pass this on.  The more people we have on our database the more information we can get out there!  

Norwood Community Police Forum
078 014 2387
Fax – 086 638 4230
Twitter – @NorwoodCPF
Facebook – Norwood Community Police Forum

Article written by Duncan Barker

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  1. Walter Serebro (132 Nellie)
    Walter Serebro (132 Nellie) at |

    Have any of your street members decided to come on board with Tania and myself in hooking up with 7 Arrows and CAP.
    The more households we get on board, the sooner we will have a dedicated CAP vehicle to work Ivy, William, Nellie.
    I am totally convinced that this is the security route to go.Over years I have found that the so called Security Companies only respond to alarm calls and this is the only time that they are visable.
    I was told by one Company that they are not a patrol but a response Company.

    1. Admin
      Admin at |

      HI Walter,

      I am not to sure who you are directing this to?
      We are not aligned with any of the security providers as that would be a conflict of interest as we support the SAPS. Our community stretches way beyond the ambit of just Norwood and within this area a number of different providers operate. As such we cannot show bias towards one or another.
      We can advise, sometimes, on who has the biggest footprint in a specific area, but even then it is not our place to do this. The best is always to discuss it with your neighbours and go with one that is prevalent in our area. That way increasing their coverage.
      We should all demand service from our security provider, however I do not feel putting more private personnel with guns on our streets is going to solve our crime. That is what the SAPS are there for and if the money that went into private security went to us and the SAPS then we would be gaining much more ground on the criminals operating in our area.
      Thanks for your comment.

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