Power outage – Update

The power outage in our suburbs will probably last until this evening, if not tomorrow morning.
For more information please copy and paste (or click) on the following link:
If you are unable to follow the link – go to www.ewn.co.za and look under the Local news tag for the relevant article.

Please be especially aware today and this evening if power is not restored.  The lack of light and working alarm systems pose issues for our security.  Keep a lookout for two or more males on foot and especially when you are entering or exiting your property.
Dial 10111 if a criminal act is in progress or the Sector vehicles for your area – details are on our site.
A robbery took place last night in a driveway when the resident did not realise the person was a criminal and not her employee.  It was dark due to the lack of light and she did not realise the risk she was in.

Lets look out for one another, it is in all our best interests.

Reminder of the CPF AGM – 14th April 18:30 @ Paterson Park Rec Centre.
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Article written by Duncan Barker