Programme for Sector Crime Forums

Purpose of this programme:

The creation of awareness within a community of engaged and active citizenry. The goal of which will be to set up Sector Crime Forums within each Sector of the Norwood SAPS precinct. This is essentially driven by members and associations that are active therein.

Purpose or Aims of Sector crime forums:

The goal of an SCF is to bring about effective crime prevention. This is done through intelligence-driven, crime prevention projects in partnership with the Norwood SAPS.

What is a Sector Crime Forum:

A Sector crime forum is a sub-forum of the Norwood Community Police Forum. It is one of the most vital forums within our structure. Its focus is to fight crime within smaller, clearly defined areas within the precinct. This enables these committees to concentrate on particular problems that affect them and others within our entire precinct. Through an effective strategy and support from the SAPS these initiatives should positively affect other Sectors thereby having a positive affect across our entire precinct.

SCF’s stem from the emphasis placed on Sector policing by the South African Police Service (SAPS). This has been earmarked as an essential strategy by Provincial and National SAPS bodies.

Please see the documents linked to below for more information regarding this vital initiative:

Programme for Sector Crime Forums

General letter – Sector 4

Article written by NCPF Support

Russell Cohen