City Power to read and audit meters

City Power has embarked on a programme to read and audit meter readings in certain selected areas in and around the City of Johannesburg. As part of this initiative, the Utility will be sending the meter reading contractors to read the meters. We therefore request our customers to allow our meter readers to enter their properties to do this task. Note that meter reading is conducted in line with the requirements and stipulations of By-Laws of the City of Johannesburg.

City Power meter readers will be identified in the following manner:

1. They will put on City Power branded uniforms
2. Have City Power access card which carries the following:
(a) The picture of the individual carrying the card
(b) Name and surname of the employee
(c) The employee staff number
(d) The tip off anonymous number which is 0800002587 on the back of the card
(e)The Security Risk Management control room numbers which are 011 490 7900 or 011 490 7911 or 011 490 7553 on the back of the card

City Power urges both business and domestic customers NOT to open their properties to any individual who does not have the identification stated in this communication. Customers are further urged to call the City Power Risk Control Numbers (011 490 7900 or 011 490 7911 or 011 490 7553 or the Police Station in their residential area in the event of uncertainty about the individuals requesting entry into their properties.

For enquiries and to make an appointment for your meter to be read please call the City Power Customer Contact Centre at 011 490 7484.

You may also send your readings to:

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City Power

Article written by NCPF Support

Russell Cohen