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Russell Cohen

Want to eradicate crime?

Get involved in our CPF or its sub-forums! Hi All, I trust that everyone is well and I wish all our Muslim residents well – Eid Mubarak. Reminder of our Monthly CPF Meeting tomorrow (Wednesday 30th July) – 6pm at the Norwood SAPS Barracks Boardroom. We will be introducing our new Sector 4 Crime Forum […]

Lookouts and Updates

Hi Everyone, A quick update on things and some notices. Lets start with the Notices: Norwood CPF AGM: 25th June 2014 Norwood Primary School (Corners Nellie Rd & Fanny Avenue. Entrance in Nellie Rd.) 18:00 Paterson Park Precinct Rejuvenation: The Paterson Park precinct is to receive a sizeable upgrade. It is the first step in […]


The Norwood CPF will be holding its Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 25 June 2014, at the Norwood Primary School, at 6pm. Come along and hear about the progress made in our community over the past year, and to look at the year that lies ahead. Norwood SAPS has a new management team, so please […]

Massive arms cache in Norwood home

Hi All, Most of you may have already heard about this incident but those that haven’t please go to the official press release from the SAPS: It was an incredible site to see how a seemingly innocent neighbour could have been involved in storing such a massive cache of weapons. If you have any […]