Lookout & Women’s Month Activism

Please be aware of impostors in our area. Unfortunately a community member was, today, burgled by a criminal impersonating a City Power official. They purported to have to change her electricity meter to another kind/make. Once they had gained access to the property, they made off with electronic items in the house. So a good […]

NCPF Update – 2013-06-26

Thanks to everyone who phones and emails us. Please remember that in an emergency the only number to call is 10111. Let them know the problem and if possible take down the reference number that they must provide. Also note the time and date. If things are dealt with these details can assist you and […]

Programme for Sector Crime Forums

Purpose of this programme: The creation of awareness within a community of engaged and active citizenry. The goal of which will be to set up Sector Crime Forums within each Sector of the Norwood SAPS precinct. This is essentially driven by members and associations that are active therein. Purpose or Aims of Sector crime forums: […]


The following communication has been received from the SAPS Norwood: From: "GP:Norwood SC Secretary" <gp.norwood.sc.sec@saps.org.za> Date: 29 August 2012 1:01:55 PM SAST To: "chair@ncpf.co.za" <chair@ncpf.co.za> Subject: TELEPHONES DOWN NORWOOD SAPS Good Day The telephone lines are down at Norwood SAPS could you please assist us in circulating it to the community, if there is any […]

NCPF AGM – 30th August 2012

Partners in policing with SAPS Norwood Community Police Forum Annual General Meeting 18h00, Thursday 30th August 2012 at the Paterson Park Recreation Centre Concerned about crime? Want to make a difference? We need you. Come to the AGM. Voice your views. Be a part of discussions on safety problems and solutions in our communities. Be […]

NCPF News – February 2012

Sanibona, Thanks to everyone who has been sending information and helping since the beginning of the year. A special note should go to R Cohen who has been instrumental in getting a dilapidated and vagrant filled house cleaned up. It’s incredible how community members who walk amongst us are willing to just leave a property […]

NCPF News – 16 Jan 2012

NCPF News – 16 Jan 2012

Greetings to everyone and best wishes for 2012. This year promises to be an exciting one not only for our precinct but for the entire country as a whole. I am looking forward to seeing our CPF go from strength to strength. Already we have seen a lot of movement at Station level to activate […]

Podcast : Civil Eyes - 25 August 2011

Podcast : Civil Eyes – 25 August 2011

Civil Eyes – 25 August 2011: Hosts :Councillors, Marcelle Ravid & Gordon Mackay with special guests, Parkview CPF Chairman Geoff Klass & Norwood  CPF Chairman Duncan Barker has been podcast. Have also tweeted and posted to facebook. Pic attached To access the podcast. Go to Radio Today’s website at www.1485.org.za Enter the website Select the […]

Documentation for the Norwood SAPS Open Day 2011

The following documents relating to the Norwood SAPS and NCPF Open Day on Saturday 10 September 2011 have been uploaded. Please click on the links below to view the documents: Invitation to the Norwood SAPS Open Day Saturday 10 September 2011 Information for sponsorship of the Norwood SAPS Open Day MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING BETWEEN THE […]