Special Alert – Red Toyota Tazz reg no PPV089GP

The following alerts originated from a neighbouring CPF. While the reports have not been officially verified, as always, be alert and be aware!

Suspect Vehicle seen at Freeway Park Primary & Sunward Park High School,

Suspects watching Sunward Park High

Please spread these photographs as wide as possible.

Sunward Park High School, C/o Sonskyn & Cresta Roads, Sunward Park, Boksburg

Freeway Park Primary, Elsenburg Road, Freeway Park, Boksburg

These men are wanted for kidnapping and hijacking – DO NOT APPROACH – CONTACT YOUR NEAREST POLICE STATION OR DIAL 112

Please spread these photographs as wide as possible. Does anybody know these young men in the car? We need to get them behind bars.

Please look out for this particular car!!! It is a red Toyota Tazz with registration number PPV089GP.

The report below has been edited to protect the identities of those involved.

Thanks so much for this e-mail; I was completely freaked out this morning when I opened it. Yesterday I worked a little late so I gave T (B’s nanny) a lift home to Edenvale. When we passed Eastleigh Primary school I noticed the exact car with 4 black men inside following us. I thought nothing of it but said to T that there is a car behind us and I don’t trust them. They were acting very strange. When I turned they did, when I went fast they went fast. So we drove around the block a couple of times before I stopped to drop her off at her house. When they passed us I noticed the squiggles on the side of the car. I did not get the number plate but the car was the exactly the same with 4 men of similar ages inside.

I am sure most of the people on the mailing list are from the “Vale” so guys please keep your eyes open. I can’t say for sure that it was them but it is seems too close for comfort. And I would rather be safe than sorry.

Red Toyota Tazz reg no PPV089GP-3 Red Toyota Tazz reg no PPV089GP-1 Red Toyota Tazz reg no PPV089GP-2

Article written by NCPF Support

Russell Cohen