Norwood CPF Weekly Report (06/09/2010)

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I can hardly believe that it is September already.  So much has already happened this year and it has made it fly by almost unnoticed.  It will soon be October and then the silly season really gets into swing.  Silly is the operative word when one reads articles written in newspapers that are based on innuendo and accusations of corruption.  Now I am not saying that our station is completely devoid of it all but what The Star put in their article last week was unsubstantiated hogwash.
The entire aim of the article was to portray our station and the SAPS in a bad light and the succeeded.  I am taking it up with them as we speak and shall be requesting a retraction and apology or I want them to furnish us with proof of said corruption.  Please visit the website for more on this –

Crime report – 31 Aug – 5 Sept 2010
Trio crimes
There were three trio crimes for the week:
1 – Business Robbery – Linksfield North – A business was robbed of cash.
2 – Car jacking – the highly publicised robbery of a GTi in Waverley
3 – House robbery – Melrose (Victoria Ave) – The robbers gained entry to a home but were disturbed and got away in a vehicle that was subsequently recovered.

Other crimes
Motor vehicle related theft is still a highlight in our area.  A place to be extremely wary is on the off-ramps of the M1 highway at 11th Ave, Glenhove and Corlett Drive.  I must also re-iterate that leaving valuables in your vehicle is inviting crime and providing a means for the criminals operating in our area – DO NOT LEAVE VALUABLE IN YOUR VEHICLES!!!!
Motor vehicle related:
Thefts out of motor vehicles – 9 occurrences.  Central Str (Houghton), Jack Str (Norwood), Orange Grove (14th Str & 10th Str), Sidonia Ave (Norwood).
Theft of MV – 4 occurrences.  Suburbs or areas – Melrose Arch, Melrose (North Str) & Killarney (5th Str)

House break-ins – 14 occurrences – Orchards (Orange Rd & Oaklands Rd), Linksfield (Kallenbach Dr), Highlands North (11th Ave & 7th Ave), Oaklands (Haswell Str), Orange Grove (Louis Botha, 12th Ave, 10th Str, 3rd Str), Melrose North (Kernick Ave), Waverley, Houghton (Osborne Rd),

Burglary Businesses – None this week

Other crimes – there were also a number of thefts and a few common robberies.  As in most big cities, be aware when walking around and keep your valuables out of sight of the roving criminal reach.

There were 20 arrests made by our members this last weekend for numerous crimes.  Our detectives and tracing unit also recorded three successful arrests for crimes committed in our area. 

It appears as though some crimes tend to follow where there is construction sites or people renovating houses.  If there is construction or renovation occurring around your house I would advise you to be more aware of what is going on.  Make it obvious that you notice them as they will then know that you are watching them just as much as they might be you.  Chat to your neighbour doing the work and ask whether he knows of these risks.  If you are doing the work and employing part-time workers, request that they all provide some proof of identification.

Tell your contractor that you only want him to hire documented persons.  Too often contractors will hire illegal’s or persons whom they have no knowledge of as they are cheaper labour.  This is when issues arise.  You have the right to demand your contractor does things above board.  If we allow illegal activities in our area how can we expect to decrease the crime.

The SAPS will respond to any criminal activity in your area and if you are concerned please would you let us know.  As the more information we have of the goings on in our area the better for all concerned.

Duncan Barker
Norwood Community Police Forum
078 014 2387
Fax – 086 638 4230

Article written by Duncan Barker

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  1. Maureen Mofokeng
    Maureen Mofokeng at |

    I’m really concerned about the accidents that are happening in Orange Grove 10th Street and 8th Avenue. Could you kindly look into it as this is really getting too much. It happens almost everyday. I was thinking maybe we put speed humps and then again that is the route the buses are using to Sandringham.

    Thank you

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