Norwood CPF Weekly Report – 13 Sept 2010

The NCPF will be having an awareness drive on Saturday the 18th September at Norwood Mall.  If you have always wanted to know more about us but have not been able to make a meeting then this is your chance.  Come on down to the Mall and have a chat with a fellow member of your community.  We invite all residents associations to come down and join us in meeting your community.  We will be there from 10am till 1pm.

NCPF Awareness Drive
Norwood Mall (central area)
18 September – 10 till 1

Crime report – 6 – 12 September 2010

Trio crimes

There were three trio crimes for the week:

2 Car Jacking’s – one in Highlands North (8th Ave) and another in Melrose (Cecil Ave).
1 House Robbery – This occurred in Birdhaven.  The family were caught in their driveway.  No-one was injured and the criminals took electronics & one of their vehicles.

Other crimes

Motor vehicle related:
Thefts out of motor vehicles – 3 occurrences in Melrose, Birdhaven & Orange Grove
Theft of MV -  6 occurrences in Killarney, Houghton, Orange Grove, Highlands North & Melrose Arch. 

House break-ins -  7 occurrences – Rouxville, Orange Grove (x 3), Waverley (x 2), Houghton

Burglary Businesses – None this week

Other crimes – There was one Domestic Violence case and a number of other offences committed throughout the area.


The force arrested 13 persons for offences committed.  This was backed up by another 3 arrests by the Reservists.

The Detectives got 3 convictions including 1 for Reckless & negligent driving and another for theft.  There was another success in the form of an arrest of a suspect in connection with a car-jacking.


There are two things that I would like to point out to everyone. 
Statements – when you give a statement at the station and would like a result in your case.  Please read through the statement that has been written down for you.  A lot of time useful information is omitted or information is misspelt.  You must give all the details that are necessary and if you think it is to much, often it is not.  Insist on giving all the information to the SAPS member taking your statements.  It is also important to take all of their details down so that you can track this.

Company – no I am not talking about a corporate entity or a factory.  What I am talking about is the company one keeps.  If you hang around with people that are up to nefarious deeds then it will affect you personally in the end.  If you employ criminals then criminality will find you.  Two cases I have dealt with this week involved criminals that knew the victims personally.  Be careful is all I say and make sure you know someone’s background before you “climb into bed with them”. 
It is legal to do a criminal check on potential employees – one must first, obviously, obtain consent from said employee.  If the person does not want this to be done then one should be wary.  A criminal record does not always mean that person is a criminal but it does give one some indication of how they really are.

I wish you all the best. 
I hope that all of our Muslim brethren had a happy Eid. 
To our Jewish brethren – Happy New Year – Shana Tovah and we wish you well over the fast. 
Duncan Barker
Norwood Community Police Forum
078 014 2387
Fax – 086 638 4230


Article written by NCPF Support

Russell Cohen