NCPF Update – 2013-06-26

Thanks to everyone who phones and emails us. Please remember that in an emergency the only number to call is 10111. Let them know the problem and if possible take down the reference number that they must provide. Also note the time and date. If things are dealt with these details can assist you and us in finding out why.

The CPF phone had a couple of calls lately. This is not an emergency number. Please leave a message if you do call. We will return that call.


VW Polos – White – 2 males
VW Polos – Blue – 2 males

Criminal activity lookouts & info:

Home employees

We say this often but it still appears to be an issue. You must know who your domestic staff are. Have you done a background check on them? Have you asked them to give you a police clearance certificate? If not then it is your fault if they steal from you. It is easy enough to get these documents and phone around to understand someone’s background.
Just getting a copy of their ID book and ensuring that their references are sound may be all you need to check whether they are legitimate. My point is to do some leg work. To often we get reports of criminal activity orchestrated by a person employed in your homes.

Vehicle related

Jammers – These are still in use in our area. Please be aware when exiting your car especially at Petrol stations.
If you leave valuable items in your vehicle you must ensure it is in a boot or locked away. This is manna from heaven for the opportunistic criminal and provides a livelihood for them. It encourages them to come into our area as they know vehicles are parked on roads and there are items to steal therein. Encourage your visitors & friends not to leave electronics or valuable items in their cars when parked outside your premises.

Times & other

It does appear that criminals are active during the day as much as during the night. So please do not think that because it is early or daylight that you are safer then at night. Be aware of all goings on outside your home, unfortunately that is what is needed.
If you see people approaching you or around your driveway do not enter or exit your premises. Rather drive around the block or wait till they pass. If you are concerned about anything please call the SAPS or your security providers. One call can ensure your safety.


CPF meeting tonight – every last Wednesday of the month.

18:00 / 6pm start

Norwood SAPS Barracks Boardroom

Article written by NCPF Support

Russell Cohen