[NCPF:48] Update and reminder

Please be reminded of our usual CPF meeting tomorrow night – 28th August 2013. The CPF meetings occur on the last Wednesday of every month.

Venue – Norwood SAPS Barracks Boardroom

Ground Floor of the Single Barracks

Time – 18:00 or 6pm

Crime update& warnings:
Please remember our warning from last week about persons impersonating city officials. This time it was City Power but we here regular occurrences of our community being duped by criminals posing as persons from other departments/organisations. Please just ask these persons for accreditation. You can also request that they provide identity documentation of some kind. If you are still nervous or worried please call the SAPS on 10111 or your local security company. Don’t just accept what you here/see ask questions request information.  Please also pass this on! It is vital we inform everyone!

Please be aware that criminals are active in our area. There is still a number of house robberies being perpetrated throughout our suburbs. Be aware for all of our safety and if you see someone or something that looks out of place let us, the SAPS or your security provider know. If we are pro-active we can make a difference.

Times – majority of criminal activity appears to be daylight hours and during the week. So when you are not home, lock it up, turn the alarm on and if you don’t have an alarm get your neighbour to look out for you.
If you don’t know your neighbour – there is a good place to start! Get to know them as they are your first line of defence against these criminals.

There are two vehicles that are specifically noted by Norwood SAPS – if you see a suspicious vehicle matching these descriptions please call it in!

White BMW – 2 black males inside

Silver Mercedes Benz – 2 black males inside

They will probably be a newer shape model so don’t just look for older, banged up cars. Criminals lately roll in fancy vehicles – latest models and can actually look very respectable. Don’t be fooled and just be aware.
Thanks to the Norwood SAPS for this update!

Women’s Month March:

Thanks to the following persons for their assistance and support for our activism that we did last week Friday:
Norwood Mall and Sheree Wedlake
Balfour Park & Linah Mawoyo
Ursula Scheidegger for her contribution
Everyone that came along and especially Sergeant Xulu for organising.

Get involved everyone!

Norwood CPF
078 014 2387
Twitter – @NorwoodCPF
Fax – 086 638 4230

Article written by NCPF Support

Russell Cohen