Norwood CPF Update – Jan 2014

Hi All,

I trust that all of you had a good festive break. I look forward to having an excellent and fruitful 2014. I hope all of you do as well.

We had our monthly CPF meeting last night at the station. Thanks to all who attended. It was good to have our SAPS members and JMPD in attendance as well as our ward councillor for Ward 72. Thanks to all community members who attended.

The minutes will be up on the website soon. Please refer there for others as you need to. In this email is a summary of this meeting and other indicators of crime.

Murder in Houghton:

First we must send our heartfelt condolences to the du Plessis family at this time of grief. We were all shocked to hear of this and it has affected us all. We never like to hear of any crime being committed in our area. This was truly painful and we must thank Wendy Rubenstein for assisting us on the day with her calm nature and willing spirit. Thanks.

SAPS updated on this case and said that they are looking into this as a matter of priority. They are following up on all leads but have nothing new to report as there is still investigative work being done. They will update as they are able to.


Crimes that increased for this period from last were:

  • Burglary Res –
  • Common Robbery –
  • Motor vehicles related – Theft out of and theft of are still prevalent – these are also spread quite evenly around our suburbs.
  • Business burglaries have been prevalent in Houghton Estate

Suburbs most affected:

  • Orange Grove
  • Norwood
  • Houghton Estate

Vehicle lookouts:

  • Silver Nissan Tida – BL99DR GP
  • Blue Polo
  • Yellow mini Cooper – has been seen impersonating SAPS/Metro
  • Mercededs – Black
  • A white sedan – unsure of make

Sector Crime Forums

Please find attached an invitation for our next Sector Crime forum to be held on the 20th February 2014. There will be more comminques regarding this event so please, if you are a resident, community organisation or the business we would appreciate your assistance. Please send this out to your mailing lists and friends.

We need a strong CPF & Sector Crime forums to ensure we are safe in our own homes.

Have an excellent weekend and I hope to see you soon!

Norwood CPF

Sector Crime Forum: Sector 4: 20 February 2014

Article written by NCPF Support

Russell Cohen