Lookouts and Updates

Hi Everyone,

A quick update on things and some notices. Lets start with the Notices:

Norwood CPF AGM:

  • 25th June 2014
  • Norwood Primary School (Corners Nellie Rd & Fanny Avenue. Entrance in Nellie Rd.)
  • 18:00

Paterson Park Precinct Rejuvenation:

The Paterson Park precinct is to receive a sizeable upgrade. It is the first step in the massive rejuvenation of the entire precinct on both sides of 9th Street. It will include a total revamp of the recreation centre as well as a new library and a swimming pool. This is a spin-off from the Bus Rapid Transit route along Louis Botha Avenue and is a flagship project of the Mayor’s.

You are invited to a meeting to view the plan of the upgraded park.

  • Date: Thursday 19th June, 2014
  • Time: 5pm
  • Venue: Paterson Park Recreation Centre – 7th Street Orange Grove
  • Kingfisher Room (at the back)

Lookouts & Updates:

Please refer to our Facebook and Twitter feeds for regular updates from SAPS and other associations that we engage with.

I can say with confidence that Sector 1 has seen a marked increase in crime. We are continually engaging the Residents associations to become more involved with us. We would appreciate any support that is available within these Suburbs as we must get a handle on this. So if you live or work within these suburbs get in touch with me please:

Birdhaven, Riviera, Birnam, Houghton Estate, Melrose, Melrose North, Melrose Estate, Melrose Bird Sanctuary, James and Ethel Grey Park, Houghton Golf Club & Killarney Golf Course


White Mercedes Benz – 4 Black males involved in house robberies

White Uno – 1 white male involved in robbing woman of their handbags. He will pretend to be wanting some information and then grab the bag and drive off.

Silver Audi A3 – 3 black males involved in business robberies

From May:

Silver Volvo – VFX664GP

White Polo (no other info)

Also I need to once again appeal to the community to be aware of what is going on around them. On my walks and runs in our neighbourhood I often come passed houses where gates & garages are left open. Criminals will take this chance to enter your property so just be aware. I would also encourage you to educate your staff to be aware when they work in your entrances. There was a robbery where they criminals gained entry when a Worker was working in the entrance of a property. Garage or door was wide open and they just walked in.

There are also people who feel that parking on the street with lights on or engaging in a conversation while parked is safe. Just be aware and doing this at night is risky as you cant see what is going on.

Just be aware everyone please. And get involved everyone we need more people within our structures!



Article written by NCPF Support

Russell Cohen

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  1. asher
    asher at |

    Hey Duncan
    I missed the Patterson park meeting on the 19th.
    I live in 10th street and i was just wondering if you could give me any more information on what kind of potential challenges the residents may face during this new rejuvenation process of the Patterson park area? also Is 9th Street going to become a major thoroughfare from Louis Botha for the Rea Vaya. What will happen to the houses that back onto the properties situated on 9th Street?

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