Lookouts and Updates

I trust that you are all well. We, as your Norwood CPF, are winding down our activities for the year. Our last public meeting will be at the end of this month – 26th November. Usual time of 18:00 (6pm) in the Norwood Barracks Boardroom.

This does not mean we are unable to be contacted or assist so please continue to contact us via email, Twitter and on our Facebook page.

Norwood SAPS

Norwood SAPS is launching its 16 days of activisim for non-violence against women and children.

Our Station Commander, Colonel Kuboni, has personally requested our help as the community to support them in this initiative. They have identified homes in Yeoville that provide this support and these places have requested help with toiletries. If anyone can assist with this, even if it is some toothpaste or soap, please get in touch with us and we can make their festive season a bit easier.

The hand over of these items will occur on the 25th of November 2014.


Sector 1 – Houghton to Melrose & including Melrose Arch – has had a marked increase in crime over the last year. We have been battling to get community involvement in this area. It is troubling to us as our Sector Crime Forum is an integral part of a community getting a handle over and finding solutions to crime in their area. This must happen in 2015 so I implore all those community members that live in Sector 1 to please get involved. For yours, your families and your neighbours sakes.
Sector 1 has been equal in crimes when it comes to Sector 4 (Orange Grove to Linksfield & north to Sydenham). This says a lot and is something that should be of great concern to all of us in the Norwood SAPS precinct.


Modus operandi – lifting gates off of their rails. If you have one of these gates there are ways to prevent this. Please investigate this with your security provider or contact one and get it done. I have heard of this from other areas as well so please take note.

Most common times over the past while has been from 4 in the morning to 12 midday.

Vehicle lookouts:

  • Silver Alfa Romeo – Giulietta (Hatchback model) – 3 -4 armed black males involved in house robberies in other areas
  • White Double cab bakkie – 3 black males involved in house robberies
  • Metallic Audi (Silver) – 2 black males involved in robberies
  • BMW 2 Series – 3 black males involved in house robberies

Please just be aware everyone and encourage your neighbours to sign up to this email list. www.ncpf.co.za and add yourself to our mailing lists.


I must say a big thanks to our JMPD traffic enforcement officers for calming down the issues that we have had in Hope Rd because of the Rea Vaya construction on Louis Botha.

Please can we continue to raise these issues with our stakeholders and we will get action.

Emergencies – please dial 10111

Thanks and have a great weekend everyone.

Article written by NCPF Support

Russell Cohen