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A lookout from this week’s stats from SAPS:

Black BMW Coupe – involved in House Robbery in our area. 4 Black males were in this vehicle

Be aware everyone, these criminals are driving the latest, or sometimes new, models of vehicles. A reminder of the lookouts from last week:

Vehicle lookouts:

Silver Alfa Romeo – Giulietta (Hatchback model) – 3 -4 armed black males involved in house robberies in other areas

White Double cab bakkie – 3 black males involved in house robberies

Metallic Audi (Silver) – 2 black males involved in robberies

BMW 2 Series – 3 black males involved in house robberies

Once again Sector 1 & 4 are on par when it comes to crime. However we had a large number in Sector 3 as well. We must be vigilant this time of year, even criminals are looking for a holiday bonus!

Interesting thing happened to me that two guys came to my house on Saturday saying that they had done work for my neighbour. It is clear that they were trying to gain information or at least try and gain entry to my property. Luckily I am informed as to this type of thing and quickly called my neighbour (I had her number) and confirmed that these guys story was a lie. They left and I informed SAPS of their ploy… Unfortunately they got away before SAPS could apprehend and question them but at least they were foiled from getting info & access.

We need everyone to be informed and empowered. Please continue to forward this on and encourage your fellow community members to engage with us.

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Article written by NCPF Support

Russell Cohen