Update and lookouts: 9 February 2015

I trust that everyone is well and that your year has started on a good note.

Ours had a bumpy start. Unfortunately there have been a number of criminals inflicting a lot of pain and heartache on our community. As such I want to challenge all of us to really make this year a year when we all get involved, ACTIVELY… If you are getting this then you are already involved so thanks for that. But what we as a community really need is our whole area to be full of active citizens. Don’t just stand there GET INVOLVED!

For those that don’t know how, just ask. Spread the word about the CPF and encourage everyone around you to stand up and lets make this year count. We can push these criminals out of our community.

Also our phone was taken away by MTN (thanks for that), so if you tried to get hold of us recently and got someone else (who didn’t know who we were) we apologise. We had no idea that this had happened.

MTN has made a real effort to assist us in getting it back. It does help that we know people, even when we didn’t know we did. Thanks Tania & Anthony.

So please be patient and it will be the CPF phone again soon.


A week or so ago a well known and loved member of our community, Pinkie Felicity Loete, lost her life tragically. Our Norwood SAPS are doing all they can to catch the person or persons that committed this heinous act of violence. There is nothing new on this case to communicate save to say that they are working to bring this matter to a close.

The Norwood CPF is working closely with a steering committee to organise an awareness event around this tragedy. We will ensure that Pinkie’s death is a clarion call to our community to stand up and be counted.



Appears to be from 12pm – 12am (midnight)


1 & 4 seem to be worst affected


  • Blue/green Audi Q5 with 3 b/males  Robbery with firearm
  • Grey BMW with 2 b/males     Robbery with firearm

Areas to be aware:

  • Cnr William & Grant Ave
  • Cnr 9th St. & Louis Botha
  • Athol Oaklands Rd

Not sure what crimes these relate to but please just be aware in and around these highlighted areas.


Duncan Barker

Article written by NCPF Support

Russell Cohen