Duncan Barker

NCPF News – February 2012

Sanibona, Thanks to everyone who has been sending information and helping since the beginning of the year. A special note should go to R Cohen who has been instrumental in getting a dilapidated and vagrant filled house cleaned up. It’s incredible how community members who walk amongst us are willing to just leave a property […]

NCPF News – 16 Jan 2012

NCPF News – 16 Jan 2012

Greetings to everyone and best wishes for 2012. This year promises to be an exciting one not only for our precinct but for the entire country as a whole. I am looking forward to seeing our CPF go from strength to strength. Already we have seen a lot of movement at Station level to activate […]

Vehicle Lookout from Crimespotter

Hi All, Please be on the lookout for the following vehicles.  If spotted please do not approach, call the SAPS on 10111 or your sector vehicle. Lookouts: Black polo XLH467GP Silver Chrysler PT cruiser LNP456Gp Yours, Duncan

NCPF update – August 2011

Hi All, It has been a while and we have been cooking up a few things, keeping ourselves warm with the fever that comes from working on making our area a better place to live, work and play in!  So herein please find an update on crime and a huge announcement of a forthcoming event […]

Vehicle Lookout

Vehicle Lookout

Please take note of the attached photos and notification below: As discussed, please find pictures of silver BMW reg TKN 870 GP  connected with house robberies and hijackings.  Flying squad know about this car. They have been operating for 6 weeks in this car, they follow residents home. The car was hijacked in the beginning […]

Warning – new modus operandi

Last night I was almost a victim of a new MO (modus operandi) of the criminal network that is plaguing our area. While I was out last night, I received a call from my Security provider stating that they had received a panic signal from my house/alarm.  When I stated that that was impossible as […]

Vehicle lookout

Hi All, Please be on the lookout for the following vehicles involved in criminal activities in our area: Blue VW Polo; Black Mercedes Benz; White Vito & Green Ford Focus ST. As before, if spotted call 10111 or your local security company.   For tip-offs or information on criminal activity please get in touch with us […]

Power outage – Update

The power outage in our suburbs will probably last until this evening, if not tomorrow morning. For more information please copy and paste (or click) on the following link: http://ewn.co.za/articleprog.aspx?id=63370 If you are unable to follow the link – go to www.ewn.co.za and look under the Local news tag for the relevant article. LOOKOUT Please […]

NCPF Report – 4 April 2011

Hi All, Crime is on the increase in our area.  You may have gotten the Tweets or emails from other security providers and it is true.  The crimes that are a problem are robbery, hi-jacking, theft of motor-vehicles and burglary residential.  A robbery is defined as such when there is personal contact with a criminal.  […]