Weekly Report

Update and lookouts: 9 February 2015

I trust that everyone is well and that your year has started on a good note. Ours had a bumpy start. Unfortunately there have been a number of criminals inflicting a lot of pain and heartache on our community. As such I want to challenge all of us to really make this year a year […]

Lookouts and Updates

I trust that you are all well. We, as your Norwood CPF, are winding down our activities for the year. Our last public meeting will be at the end of this month – 26th November. Usual time of 18:00 (6pm) in the Norwood Barracks Boardroom. This does not mean we are unable to be contacted […]

Want to eradicate crime?

Get involved in our CPF or its sub-forums! Hi All, I trust that everyone is well and I wish all our Muslim residents well – Eid Mubarak. Reminder of our Monthly CPF Meeting tomorrow (Wednesday 30th July) – 6pm at the Norwood SAPS Barracks Boardroom. We will be introducing our new Sector 4 Crime Forum […]

Lookouts and Updates

Hi Everyone, A quick update on things and some notices. Lets start with the Notices: Norwood CPF AGM: 25th June 2014 Norwood Primary School (Corners Nellie Rd & Fanny Avenue. Entrance in Nellie Rd.) 18:00 Paterson Park Precinct Rejuvenation: The Paterson Park precinct is to receive a sizeable upgrade. It is the first step in […]

Norwood CPF Update – Jan 2014

Hi All, I trust that all of you had a good festive break. I look forward to having an excellent and fruitful 2014. I hope all of you do as well. We had our monthly CPF meeting last night at the station. Thanks to all who attended. It was good to have our SAPS members […]

[NCPF:48] Update and reminder

Please be reminded of our usual CPF meeting tomorrow night – 28th August 2013. The CPF meetings occur on the last Wednesday of every month. Venue – Norwood SAPS Barracks Boardroom Ground Floor of the Single Barracks Time – 18:00 or 6pm Crime update& warnings: Please remember our warning from last week about persons impersonating […]

NCPF Update – 2013-06-26

Thanks to everyone who phones and emails us. Please remember that in an emergency the only number to call is 10111. Let them know the problem and if possible take down the reference number that they must provide. Also note the time and date. If things are dealt with these details can assist you and […]

Norwood CPF Weekly Report – 25 October 2010

Greetings to everyone out there.  I trust that everyone is beginning to see the visible policing that is happening on our streets.  If not, let me know where you live and I shall let the SAPS know!  Visible policing should begin to bring down the number of cases of crime that occur in our area.  […]

Norwood CPF Weekly Report – 13 Sept 2010

The NCPF will be having an awareness drive on Saturday the 18th September at Norwood Mall.  If you have always wanted to know more about us but have not been able to make a meeting then this is your chance.  Come on down to the Mall and have a chat with a fellow member of […]

Norwood CPF Weekly Report (06/09/2010)

Hi All, I can hardly believe that it is September already.  So much has already happened this year and it has made it fly by almost unnoticed.  It will soon be October and then the silly season really gets into swing.  Silly is the operative word when one reads articles written in newspapers that are […]