Weekly Report

Norwood CPF Weekly Report (Mon 2010/08/23)

Hi everyone, Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you with the weekly crime report this week. This is due to certain restructuring taking place in the Gauteng provincial SAPS. We will find out more about this over the next week and do our best to get important crime alerts or information out to you! We […]

Norwood CPF Weekly Report

Hi All, Another eventful week in South Africa has gone passed. The collection for Shane de Beer has been finalised and I shall be putting up a list of donors and the amount raised on the website later today. A big thank you to all those that so graciously donated to this cause. It does […]

Norwood CPF Weekly Report – 26 July 2010

Hi All, There is great strength and resolve amongst South Africans. I say this as I have been completely blown away by the support and love that has been shown toward the De Beer family since the tragedy last week. The way the community has come together to support him at this time demonstrates Ubuntu […]

Weekly report and reminder (Mon 2010/07/12)

Hi All, What a chilly winters morning it is on the highveld. Beautiful sunshine twisted with a bitterly cold wind – typical Jozi-like weather. The wind is not quite as twisted as the minds of the criminals that prey on the trusting and unsuspecting members of our suburbs. I sent out the warning on Thursday […]

Weekly report and reminder (Mon 2010/07/05)

Hi All, The weather must be mirroring my feelings on the dubious circumstances through which our African brothers from Ghana were knocked out of the World Cup by Uruguay. Winning by cheating, well that’s what makes soccer (football) the most spoken about and loved sport in the world. Who could forget the ‘hand of God’ […]

Weekly report & reminder (Mon 2010/06/28)

Hi Residents, What a cold, cloudy day it is out there. I hope everyone is keeping themselves warm and out of reach of the sicknesses that are making the rounds at the moment. Speaking of things that make one sick, how about career criminals coming into the country to ply their trade over the World […]

Weekly report & reminder (Mon 2010/06/21)

To all of us, I trust that everyone is enjoying the World Cup gees that took over after the opening game last week.  What a vibe this city has.  If you have not had a trip on the Gautrain, you are missing out.  It is such a joy to see what a bit of initiative […]

Weekly report & reminder (Mon 2010/06/14)

Hi All, I trust that everyone is in the swing of the World Cup.  We all wish Bafana Bafana well and after Friday’s performance I am sure we can make it through to the knockout stages and even maybe keep the cup in Africa. Tourists have flooded our area.  Melrose Arch, the Wanderers Hotel and […]

NCPF Weekly report & reminder (07 Jun. 10)

A quick reminder of the need for all of us to get involved in ridding our suburbs of crime. Please remember that crime encompasses all sorts of illegal activities not just the robberies and car-jackings. The SAPS are here to enforce and arrest those that are committing a criminal offence (Murder, assault, fraud, drinking in […]

NCPF Weekly report & reminder (31 May. 10)

The SAPS and CPF’s around the country often use acronyms or words that the person on the street might not understand.  Each week I shall define a term to enhance, not only my, but all of your understanding of policing terms. Trio Crimes – this term is used to describe three crimes that have been […]