Tel:   078 014 2387

Fax:  086 638 4230



Position Title First Surname
Chairman Mr Duncan Barker
Sponsorship Mr Nick Barklem
Committee Ms Aimee Ginsburg
Committee Ms Jacqueline Ramara
Victim Support Unit (VSU) Ms Wendy Rubenstein
Webmaster Mr Russell Cohen

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Click on the email address, and send a message to the Norwood CPF at and inform us of your event, business or concern to be shared on NCPF.

The main contact number for the NCPF is 078 014 2387.  This is not an emergency line, it is purely for information and contact. Please leave a message if you do not get someone.

Dial 10111 if you require emergency help or would like to speak to the police directly. Phone The  Police  On 10111 In The Case Of Life-Threatening Emergencies

This number should be used in the case of emergencies where life is threatened or if police attendance is required for non-life threatening emergencies. The 10111 number can be used anywhere in South Africa.

Please do not abuse this service, as other emergency services such as the fire brigade and ambulance services can also be activated though this 10111 number.

If you do encounter any problems at the Norwood SAPS station, please ask to speak to either the Officer on Duty, the Station Commissioner or the Media Liaison Officer.

What Is Crime Stop 08600 10111?

Crime Stop is a range of call centres responsible for collecting information / intelligence on criminal activity from the public. When phoning 08600 10111, members of the public are assisted by trained interviewing specialists to pass on information about criminal activity to the SAPS in a safe and non-threatening environment. A reward is offered to persons calling the Crime Stop Call Centre that information that assists the SAPS in investigating and solving crimes. Callers may remain anonymous if they so wish.

The Crime Stop programme has enjoyed great success. The programme has solved over a quarter of a million criminal cases and recovered over R1 billion worth of stolen property and narcotics since 1994.

SAPS Emergency Number 10111
SAPS Crime Stop 08600 10 111
Women Abuse Helpline 0800 150 150
Childline 0800 05 55 55
AIDS Helpline 0800 012 322 or (011) 725 6710
Police Social Work Services, 24 hrs 082 809 2277
Police Spiritual Services, 24 hours 082 808 7478
SAPS Employee Assistant Programme 0860103055
South African Police Flying Squad 10111
Corruption Help Line 0800 201 414
Cell Phones All Networks 112
Safe School Call Centre 0800 454647