The NCPF believes that all outcomes and actions should be open to public scrutiny. With this in mind, minutes of all public meetings will be published after each monthly meeting.

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Documents of Interest

How to get involved

Monthly Debit Order Authority Form

NCPF Flyer A5

NCPF Awareness Drive Press Release 8 August 2009

Application Form Community Patrol

North Eastern Tribune Article 14 August 2009

Sector Details for Norwood SAPS

Minutes of Meetings

NCPF Executive Committee Meeting 28 July 2010 Minutes

NCPF Executive Committee Meeting 28 July 2010 Agenda

NCPF Minutes 28 October 2009

NCPF Minutes 26 August 2009

NCPF Ex Co 19 August 2009

NCPF Ex Co 22 July 2009

CPF Minutes 17 June 2009

Minutes of Public Meetings

Minutes of NCPF Public Meetings have now been shared on Google Drive. You can access minutes of meetings for the period 2010 through 2013 at the following location:

NCPF Minutes – Google Drive