Get Involved!

There is a place for everybody in the Norwood Community Police Forum

The NCPF can only succeed in it’s objectives if individuals and community members participate and we fight crime hand in hand with our local SAPS. By doing this YOU can directly improve the safety of your family, employees and property.

We encourage our members to attend monthly public meetings, provide SAPS with information about suspicious behaviour, or take it a step further:

A variety of people offer their skills and services to the NCPF.

Here are some examples:

Become a Victim Support Volunteer

Anybody with a passion for people can become a Victim Support Volunteer. (more info)

Join the NCPF Committee

The NCPF Committee is always looking for people as well as Trained Counsellors like Psychologists, Social Workers or Students to help on a voluntary basis.

Join the Sector Crime Forums

The Sector Crime Forums are and extension of the NCPF that focus more on particular suburbs. Find out under which sector you fall.

Make a monthly donation towards the NCPF.

The funds will be used to fund our operations and benefit your community. All donations and their subsequent expenditure are reflected in our financial statements. All our records are scrutinised and verified by an independent third party.

Branch: Norwood
Account Name: Norwood CPF
Account Number: 2027498958
Account type – Club/Savings
Ref: Either your name or the purpose of your donation
(Fax or email confirmation to us.)

How to get involved

Contribute your time/skills to the Norwood CPF and Help make your community a better and safer place to live!  Volunteering as little as an hour a week can make all the difference.  Please complete the online form below to identify your skills, areas of interest and availability.  Someone from the NCPF will then get in touch with you.